Our Goal is to Enhance the Whole Student

We focus on engaging “kids on the cusp” beyond the traditional classroom.

Our integrated programs provide a skills and learning environment that is engaging, challenging and fun. We invite students that are struggling and discouraged to learn fundamental skills that support the academic school curriculum.

Our program is a means to reengage them before they fail a grade or permanently drop out of school.

Our goal is to enrich the student experience by providing programs that emphasize intellectual curiosity, communication, collaboration, all while building self-esteem and self-expression.acy org logo

By honoring the mind, body, and behavior connection, our intention is to provide a creative academic and life skills mentoring environment. With the combination of the three programs: skills and learning, athletic, and Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) and therapy  addressing mental health and human development needs, we accomplish our nonprofit mission.

Our integrated programs were built on the ElmSeed founding pillars:

One Size Does Not Fit All

The Case for Alternative Pathways to High School Graduation

Many of the 6,000 Maryland students that officially drop out of school each year are under the age of sixteen. However in the 2016-17 school year, this statistic will change as the state compulsory school age—the age in which children must legally attend school—increases from 16 to 18 years old.

While increasing the compulsory school age is a step toward addressing the student dropout rate, Maryland needs a concerted effort in all of the school districts to keep youth from opting out of school. Advocates for Children and Youth released a set of dropout prevention policy strategies in 2014 entitled Graduate Maryland. This initiative solicited feedback from parents, students, and key stakeholders around the state regarding the barriers to graduation that many youth encounter and suggested solutions for eliminating those barriers.

One key issue was alternative education and programming. The case for providing alternative pathways to graduation is necessary as not all students will excel in traditional learning environments. This circumstance is especially true for high school-aged youth who often have family responsibilities and financial challenges that make the traditional school environment next to impossible.

Advocates of Children and Youth, White Paper, June 2014

Read the entire White Paper:  Click Here ACY.org 

Pillar 1

Experience. Express. Expand.

We provide an environment for youth to Explore and gain Experience through working on cool projects, building individual and team skills and being exposed to different options and possibilities; Express themselves meaningfully and appropriately and; Expand their thinking and most importantly their world.

Pillar 2

Review. Release. Renew.

We believe in the power of self-Review and reflection. Through new experiences and exposure, we encourage the Release of thoughts, words and behaviors that no longer serve. Through positive reinforcement and practice, we offer a choice to Renew feelings about themselves, the future and ultimately outcomes.

Pillar 3

Vision. Voice. Value.

New Vision where thoughts of opportunities were unimaginable and out of reach; speaking with a calm and confident Voice to express challenges, solutions and desires; increased self-Value with renewed hope for realized potential.

Building Life Skills that Last a Lifetime  donate-color